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Last Update October 22, 2008

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Brightening Video Tutorial (Flash required)
A video tutorial showing a quick technique for brightening under exposed photographs, even those you though were hopeless. More often than not it works better than Curves, Levels, or the Brightness/Contrast sliders.

Using masks this technique can be applied to select portions of an photo.

TUTORIALS is a new menu item!


KAP Lift/Pull Calculator - requires Flash

Lift/Pull Calc. (Flash required)
Not entirely new, but this Flash driven interacitve, graphical interface will show you the relationship between; rig angle, kite angle, rig weight, and the amount of pull needed to lift a KAP rig. This was first created and posted as a test page in December, 2006 and is now accessible from the main menu.


"A Good Day" - flash animation

A Good Day - Flash Animation (3meg file)
A year in the making stealing little bits of time here and there. I hope you enjoy this somewhat romanticized view of KAPing complete with soundtrack by David Morihiro through (runtime 2:50)


Witt's End: "The Fall Guy" a Flash Animation

Witt's End Flash Animation Witt's End
(click above)

Meet Witt, the KAPer with a positive outlook in the face of the most devastating of circumstances. Everyone can relate to some part of Witt's KAPing adventures. Witt is a KAPer that you can count on to make sense of it all when technology has got you down. So sit back and relax, and realize that things could always be a lot worse...or a lot better. (Click on the image)



Share Your Ideas and Photos

Kite Aerial Photography Electronic Resources is a compendium of KAP information. Any KAPer may submit articles about KAP subjects that they find of interest. No Deadlines!

The Galleries are open to anyone with KAP pictures they wish to share. If you have a KAP web site that is not included on the KAPER Links page then send an email with your URL, name, city, state, and country.